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“Surprise Proposal at 79”: Mick Jagger’s New Love Revealed


Mick Jagger shocked everyone by revealing his new lover at the age of 79, leaving many in disbelief. Mick Jagger, the renowned member of “The Rolling Stones,” proposed to Melanie Hamrick recently. He showed her an exquisite engagement diamond that astounded everyone.

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They visited New York City together after they reached this significant love milestone. Melanie wears her engagement ring with pride as a testament to their dedication. Interestingly, Melanie is also Mick’s child’s mother. According to an informant, Melanie told her pals at the American Ballet Theater about her plans to wed Mick Jagger in public, and they were all really happy for her.

After they achieved this important love milestone, they went to New York City together. Melanie proudly displays her engagement ring as a symbol of their commitment. Fascinatingly, Melanie is also the mother of Mick’s child.

An insider claims that when Melanie told her friends at the American Ballet Theater that she was being married to Mick Jagger in front of the public, they were all very excited for her.

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