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Frozen Purple: BMW M8 convertible with extremely rare paintwork


Vehicles adorned in vibrant shades of purple never fail to captivate the eye, as regardless of personal color preferences, nearly every observer forms an immediate opinion upon encountering them.

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For those customers seeking an even more remarkable color experience, BMW Individual offers a matte paint finish known as Frozen Purple—a highly rare option distinguished by its internal color code P9A, as showcased in recent photos captured by Andrew Barker from the British individual specialist, Dick Lovett.

The Frozen Purple hue is prominently displayed on a BMW M8 Convertible (F91 LCI), a vehicle that commands attention even without an exclusive paint job. However, when the sleek, athletic lines of the M8 Convertible are cloaked in the extroverted Frozen Purple, it becomes impossible to ignore.

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In this particular instance, the M Carbon exterior package enhances the vehicle’s dynamic appearance, with its elements drawing attention from every angle. From the decorative elements surrounding the side air inlets of the front apron to the carbon exterior mirror caps, rear spoiler lip on the trunk hood, and diffuser insert for the rear apron, each detail adds to the car’s overall allure.

In profile, the striking paintwork is complemented by the 20-inch star-spoke 813 M Bicolor light alloy wheels, while the open-top configuration of the BMW M8 Convertible allows glimpses of the interior.

Inside, the vehicle boasts a bicolor full-leather Merino fine-grain interior featuring contrasting Silverstone and black hues.

Echoing the exterior carbon package, the ‘Carbon Fiber’ interior trim strips replicate the distinctive look of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic, adding a touch of motorsport-inspired flair to the cockpit.

Needless to say, such an exclusive aesthetic comes at a price. According to the current price list, even a standard BMW M8 Convertible commands a hefty sum of 191,500 euros, with additional costs for special equipment in the five-figure range. The bespoke paint job alone adds an extra 6,900 euros to the vehicle’s price tag, firmly placing it beyond the 200,000 euro mark.

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