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Nolimits Unveils Stunning New Motor Yacht Concepts!


Nolimits brand has officially unveiled its product philosophy and vision to the public, showcasing its fleet of conceptual motor yachts. These five motor yacht concepts are entirely crafted from aluminum, ranging from 30 to 45 meters (98 to 147 feet), all proudly manufactured in Italy. Leveraging over 40 years of construction expertise amassed by the Rossi family, owners of the Rossinavi and Nolimits brands, these vessels aim to capture a fresh market segment, embodying a strong marine ethos that bridges the gap between explorer and superyacht styles, firmly situating Nolimits within the crossover category.

The fleet comprises NOLIMITS 30, NOLIMITS 37, NOLIMITS 37+, NOLIMITS 45, and NOLIMITS 45+, all meticulously designed by Fulvio De Simoni Studio, showcasing a cohesive family aesthetic and sharing common technical features. These yachts feature high panoramic windows flooding the interiors with natural light, fostering a profound connection with the surrounding environment. Their broad hulls enhance stability and comfort in key areas, while the spacious sundecks offer a multitude of activities, including pools, American bars, BBQ areas, and sunbeds.

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Moreover, the sundeck windbreakers are easily deployable, enabling usage during navigation. Notably, the NOLIMITS 37+ will feature an indoor sky lounge on the upper deck, providing panoramic views, while the NOLIMITS 45+ boasts a VIP Cabin on the upper deck, complete with a private outdoor deck space.

At the heart of Nolimits’ technical foundation lies the PRO philosophy, representing a commitment to professional attention to detail. Designed as robust vessels, the Nolimits fleet prioritizes space distribution, crew amenities, stability, comfort, and safety, ensuring an unparalleled experience.

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Key technical features include the use of 100 percent aluminum for both the hull and superstructure, guaranteeing durability and efficiency. Spacious technical zones, crew areas, and passages prioritize comfort during extended navigations. Powered by heavy-duty engines and generators, these vessels ensure reliable performance.

Maneuverability is enhanced with two independent rudders, while a double stabilization system ensures comfort at anchor and stability during navigation. Incorporating Zero Noise technology, noise and vibrations onboard are significantly reduced.

The air conditioning system is tropicalized, featuring chillers operating at 150 percent capacity for redundancy and rapid cooling. With capabilities for transatlantic crossings, the Nolimits fleet is equipped for long-term navigation, supported by ample fuel capacity and storage for extended offshore stays. Additionally, these vessels hold certifications for passage through the Panama and Suez canals, delivered charter-ready for immediate luxury experiences on the water.

Federico Rossi, Chief Operating Officer at Rossinavi, expressed, “After a long experience in building yachts from 500 to over 2000 GT, it is time to carry this kind of technical vision also into yachts from 30 to 45m (98 to 147ft). Vessels suitable for long voyages and spending long periods offshore, while maintaining the same philosophy of luxury and functionality of a superyacht category.”

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