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Michael Jackson’s Son Bigi Spotted in L.A., All Grown Up


At 22 years old, Michael Jackson’s youngest child, Bigi, has largely remained out of the public eye, preferring a life away from the spotlight. However, recent sightings in Los Angeles, California, have provided a rare glimpse into Bigi’s world and the endeavors that occupy his time.

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Dressed in casual attire, Bigi was spotted strolling through the streets of Los Angeles, sporting a Star Wars Darth Vader T-shirt paired with black striped shorts and sneakers. Despite his low-key appearance, Bigi has been keeping busy, notably celebrating his birthday and showcasing his creative talents at the Santa Monica Film Festival.

One of Bigi’s recent achievements includes the presentation of his short film, “Rochelles,” at the film festival, where it garnered acclaim and earned him the prestigious award for best drama. Proud older brother, Prince Jackson, took to social media to share photos of Bigi and express his admiration for his sibling’s artistic accomplishments.

Known for his reserved nature compared to his siblings, Prince and Paris, Bigi has occasionally stepped into the limelight to honor his father’s legacy and pursue his passions. Last year, alongside Prince, Bigi made a rare public appearance to commemorate what would have been Michael Jackson’s 65th birthday in Las Vegas, paying tribute to the iconic musician and humanitarian.

In a significant moment of openness, Bigi granted his first on-camera interview in 2021, providing insights into his father’s enduring legacy and his personal commitment to environmental advocacy. Passionate about addressing climate change, a cause close to his father’s heart, Bigi emphasized the importance of raising awareness and fostering collective action to combat this pressing global issue.

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Reflecting on his father’s legacy, Bigi shared poignant reflections on the impact of Michael Jackson’s music and humanitarian efforts, underscoring the importance of preserving his father’s memory while forging his own path in life. Despite growing up in the shadow of a legendary figure, Bigi remains steadfast in his pursuit of personal growth and making a positive difference in the world.

As Bigi continues to navigate adulthood and carve out his place in the world, his journey serves as a testament to resilience, introspection, and the enduring influence of family. With his artistic endeavors and advocacy work, Bigi Jackson exemplifies a new generation of talent and compassion, poised to leave his mark on the world while honoring the legacy of his iconic father.

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