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Skinny, hairless stray dog shocks everyone when her fur starts to grow


Deciding to welcome a dog into your life is a commitment that spans a lifetime—a reality that unfortunately eludes many individuals.

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Enter Mrs. Greg, the dog found wandering the streets, destitute and in dire condition.

Thankfully, an animal control officer stumbled upon her, marking the beginning of her remarkable journey.

Yet, Mrs. Greg’s tale could have taken a bleak turn. Her transition to a new shelter proved challenging, thrusting her into a harrowing struggle for survival.

Faced with limited resources, the shelter couldn’t adequately tend to Mrs. Greg’s needs, prompting her relocation to Austin Pets Alive!. Established in 1997, this organization is dedicated to affording every shelter animal, within Central Texas and beyond, a genuine opportunity for the life they deserve.

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Austin Pets Alive!

Upon her arrival at Austin Pets Alive, Mrs. Greg’s troubles were unveiled: severe sarcoptic mange and a positive test result for parvovirus. Canine parvovirus (CPV), a highly contagious viral illness, often precipitates acute gastrointestinal distress in dogs. For Mrs. Greg, already frail and ailing, the prognosis seemed bleak.

Yet, Mrs. Greg emerged as a tenacious fighter, defying the odds stacked against her.

Remarkably, it was the mange that posed the greatest hurdle for the resilient dog. Recovery proved arduous, with her fur showing little promise of regrowth. Recognizing the implications—both for Mrs. Greg’s well-being and her prospective adoption—staff at Austin Pets Alive were deeply concerned.

Fortuitously, a compassionate soul named Olivia intervened. Determined to provide Mrs. Greg with a forever home, Olivia also bestowed upon the dog a new name: Winnie.

In Olivia’s care, Winnie received the love and attention akin to that lavished upon a cherished family member. Olivia spared no effort in ensuring Winnie’s comfort and happiness.

“I know she fought through the parvo and mange in the shelter and it took a while for her to be fully okay after being adopted,” Olivia shared with The Dodo. “She kept getting sick and having tummy issues, but she was a trooper and a happy puppy through it all.”

At the time of Winnie’s adoption, the prospect of her fur regrowth seemed uncertain at best. Yet, as she basked in the warmth of love and security, a remarkable transformation unfolded. Thick, lustrous fur began to sprout, a testament to the profound bond between Winnie and Olivia.

“I cannot believe how much fur she has now,” exclaimed Olivia. “I feel like she keeps getting more!”

Instances abound of dogs undergoing remarkable rehabilitation under the nurturing care of compassionate individuals. Winnie’s story stands as a shining example—her resurgence, evidenced by the abundance of fur, symbolizes newfound joy and vitality.

Today, Winnie exudes happiness and vitality, a testament to her resilience and Olivia’s unwavering devotion. Here’s to many more years of shared love and cherished moments for Olivia and Winnie!

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