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How would Hollywood stars appear if they put on a lot of weight?


Everyone is used to seeing gorgeous, fit celebs. These are the people who have to meet certain standards for attractiveness. Many people are curious in what celebrities may look like if they gained a lot of weight. Let’s see how they would appear in this particular situation.

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A. Jolie

It’s vital to remember that this particular appearance is exclusive to the actress, who has always stood out for being so slender!

L. DiCaprio

Leo looks good even if he periodically tries to gain weight, thus adding another 20 to 30 kg wouldn’t help.

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J. Aniston

The actress has always taken pride in how she looks, and being overweight detracts from this.

J. Depp

The actor in this photo really looks very funny and pleasant, which is surprising.

J. Roberts

She wouldn’t look bad if she gained weight.

K. Reeves

In this instance, the added weight is unnecessary.

B. Pitt

The actor would have seemed older if he had been fat.

The actor would have seemed older if he had been fat.

D. Radcliffe

He seems to be an actor whose career was crushed by his excessive weight.

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