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The Queen of Spices: Growing Cardamom from seeds at Home


Known as the “Queen of Spices,” cardamom is a beloved ingredient in many traditional medicines and cuisines from throughout the world. This fragrant spice comes from the Indian subcontinent and grows best in tropical and subtropical climates.

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You’re at the right place if you’ve ever thought about starting a cardamom plant from seeds and seeing it through to maturity. This all-inclusive guide will lead you through the necessary actions to guarantee a fruitful and satisfying cardamom-growing endeavor.

How to Begin Growing Cardamom Seeds:

1 Choose New Seeds:

Start your cardamom adventure with viable, fresh seeds. Seek for plump seeds that are unharmed or free of mold.

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Allow to Soak:

Soak the cardamom seeds in water for about 12 hours before planting. In doing so, the seed coat becomes softer and helps the seed to germinate.

Planting the Seeds of Cardamom:

Prepare the Soil: Use rich, loamy soil that has sufficient drainage to create the perfect growing conditions for cardamom. It is advised to combine compost, sandy soil, and a little amount of vermiculite or perlite.
Planting Depth: Plant the seeds in the ground around 1 inch deep.

Given the possible size of mature cardamom plants, space seeds or seedlings apart by at least two feet.

Watering: Lightly but thoroughly water the seeds after sowing.

Growing Environment:

Light: Cardamom plants like somewhat shaded areas or indirect sunshine, which is similar to their native home beneath the canopy of bigger trees.

Temperature: For best development, keep the temperature between 22°C and 32°C.

Watering: Avoid waterlogging by keeping the soil continuously wet. Although cardamom plants enjoy dampness, excessive watering can cause root rot.

Fertilization: Throughout the growth season, give the plants a balanced liquid fertilizer every three weeks.
Maintenance of Green Cardamom:

Pruning: As the plant ages, remove any weak or unhealthy branches to promote strong growth.

Pest Control: Keep an eye out for vermin like spider mites and aphids. Neem oil is an ecological way to fight them.

Harvesting: Remove cardamom pods before they break open, as soon as they become a light green or yellowish-green hue.

Last Words of Advice:

Repotting: When a plant outgrows its pot if it is being grown in one, think about repotting it.

Mulching: To keep the soil wet and keep weeds away, cover the soil with an organic mulch layer.

The Key Is Patience Be aware that cardamom grows slowly;

it may take several years for it to blossom and produce pods. But the wait is definitely worth it for the benefits.

In conclusion, although growing cardamom from seed requires patience, the reward of harvesting your own fresh cardamom pods is well worth the work.

You may enjoy the intense flavor and heady perfume that only homegrown cardamom can provide with careful attention to detail and the ideal growing circumstances.

Set off on this adventure and provide the Queen of Spices her own domain in your backyard garden!

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