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«We were about to lose her»։ this is what happened to Jennifer Lopez during filming that worried fans


On the set of her upcoming film, she nearly passed away during a stunt!😱😥Jennifer found herself in a potentially fatal predicament during a crucial sequence in the movie😲💔.

Recently, people’s attention has been drawn to the romantic comedy “Shotgun Wedding.” Jennifer Lopez, the well-known actress of 53 years old, starred in the movie.

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In one of the movie’s scenes, Jennifer’s wedding gown was caught in the wheel of a car, posing a risk to her life.
Lopez realized she was being pulled towards the precipice by the car while shooting and was unable to break free.

She instantly called her 50-year-old co-star Josh Duhamel for assistance during this perilous time. Duhamel led Lopez to safety while holding her hand.

Jennifer remembers: “I thought this was the last straw.” I begged him to hold on to me.
Lopez’s life was saved by Duhamel, and the actress is appreciative of his assistance.

While attempting to record this scene, Duhamel also encountered danger. He feels fortunate to be alive and uninjured.
“Shotgun Wedding” is an intriguing and distinctive movie with some really scary behind-the-scenes action that we absolutely must see.

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