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You Should Be Planting Blue Java Bananas, Because They Taste Like Ice Cream


The Blue Java Banana looks to be a scam in every way: Is this blue fruit possible? Is the flavor truly similar to ice cream? Did Sirs Ben and Jerry actually come up with it one night, feeling that they’d already mastered the art of beer and were ready to go on to other imaginative inventions?

Alright, the final sentence is a total fabrication, but the other two are accurate. According to the experts at Fast-Growing-Trees.com, blue java bananas are referred to as “ice cream bananas” because of their creamy texture and flavor, which somewhat resemble vanilla custard or soft serve. Before they mature, they have a bluish or blue-green color and appear to be meant for pureeing and freezing into one-ingredient ice cream (also known as frozen banana puree).

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SVI Blue Java Banana Tree Seeds

Compared to a regular banana, these ones are fluffier and creamier.The Fast-Growing-Trees.com Huffington Postseeds, live plants, fertilizer, daybeds, back yards, and oases

reportedly, and areas of central America, Hawaii, and southeast Asia are where you may find them growing. As long as they receive enough sunshine, they can withstand quite a bit of cold even though they are often found in tropical regions. So why not plant a tree yourself if you’re dying to give them a go?

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Both and Amazon are retailers of Blue Java Banana Trees. You can either purchase or a, depending on the level of commitment you’re willing to make and your financial situation. Add some specifically designed for banana plants and a, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an. Feel free to indulge in a staycation.

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