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John Goodman’s Battle with Depression and Drinking Habit Sparks Concern Among His Fans


John Goodman gained notoriety for his parts in the films The Big Lebowski and Roseanne. He starred in films such as Raising Arizona, Big River, and Antony and Cleopatra throughout the 1980s. However, Roseanne’s portrayal of Dan Conner was what catapulted him into stardom.

Goodman claimed that he enjoyed portraying Dan because, like many of the folks he knows, he is a typical working man who is intelligent but not stupid.

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In addition to TV and film, Goodman has voiced characters in films such as The Emperor’s New Groove, Cars, The Princess and the Frog, and The Simpsons.

Goodman only wanted to perform; he was never particularly interested in being famous. Being famous gave him some anxiety because he is a timid person. Before, he could go about unnoticed by others, but that has now changed.

He occasionally struggled to obtain employment, which made drinking a problem. Sadly, he developed depression and other mental health problems as a result of his drinking.

Goodman recalls consuming alcohol while Roseanne was being filmed. It was thrilling at first, but as he lost his solitude, it became frightening. He intended to leave the program after eight years, but he chose to sit in bars, which made matters worse. He entered treatment for depression in 2007 after receiving a diagnosis. Thankfully, he hasn’t touched alcohol since

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Goodman characterizes his melancholy as a brain chemistry issue that leaves him feeling pessimistic about everything.

Goodman shed a lot of weight in order to maintain his health. There were suspicions that he underwent surgery, but he claimed to have worked with Mackie Shilstone, a fitness guru.

In addition to a better diet, Goodman exercised six days a week.

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