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Britney Spears Slapped in the Face by Victor Wembanyama’s Security Team


Britney Spears’ homecoming to Vegas did not go well when an altercation with an NBA star culminated in the pop diva getting struck in the face.

Nicholas Hunt/FilmMagic

On Wednesday, July 5, Britney Spears was reportedly assaulted by a member of Victor Wembanyama’s security team when she was in Las Vegas. According to TMZ, Britney filed a police report after the altercation with the San Antonio Spurs player. After the event, the security guy allegedly apologized to the “Toxic” singer and met with her security staff.

The event occurred at the ARIA Hotel’s Catch restaurant. Britney was accompanied by her husband, Sam Asghari, and two other pals. As she entered the casino, fans swarmed around her, and she allegedly approached Victor to get a photo and tell her she was a fan. Following her tap on the shoulder, a member of the security team allegedly backhanded her, knocking her to the ground. Her spectacles are also said to have fallen off.

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The security guy approached the singer after she returned to her table to apologize. “You understand how it is when you’re being swarmed by fans,” a member of the security team informed her, according to the publication.

Britney was reportedly hit by a member of Victor’s security team. (Shutterstock)

According to Las Vegas Police, they responded to a battery investigation on Las Vegas Boulevard about 11 p.m. According to them, the event was documented in a police report, but no arrests or tickets were issued.

HollywoodLife has contacted out to Britney’s representative and the Spurs’ media relations contact. Neither the performer nor Victor have issued a remark on social media.

Britney had just returned from a vacation in Cabo with Sam when the event occurred. On Instagram, the In The Zone singer shared a few photographs and videos of the two of them enjoying cocktails and a nice holiday to Mexico. She’s also been posting a lot of videos and photographs on the social networking platform, showing off her dresses and dance routines. In a recent video, she was stopped when Sam dropped into the shot and kissed her. Britney continued to show off one of her many gorgeous dresses after he pecked her on the lips for a split second.

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